Our Montessori Program

All our programs offer exercises aimed at making children independent as well as care for the environment and others. Tasks such as tying shoes, pouring, polishing, preparing food, cleaning up and tidying up after exercises helps a child develop coordination, concentration and good work habits. Each accomplishment reinforces their self-confidence. 

A child’s perception of size and space is developed through activities that activate sensory skills of smelling, tasting, hearing, seeing and feeling. Spheres and cubes, rods of varying lengths, cylinders of different dimensions help children in discrimination and classification. Our programs focus on language skills especially in the areas of reading, literature, grammar, creative writing, handwriting, vocabulary enhancement and self-expression. 

The basic concepts of mathematics are inculcated as a child uses concrete materials. Patterns and number concepts are introduced and developed to various levels.

Our Program

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What we Offer

Hopedale Montessori School was established in 1992. For over 25 years we have committed ourselves to providing children with quality education and a safe, loving environment. We also offer the following: 

A team of qualified and dedicated staff 
Progress reports twice annually 
French & Music programs 
Hot lunches and snacks prepared fresh and on-site
A safe and secure environment 
A low staff turnover rate 
A school licensed and monitored by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health
A fun summer camp program for our students